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What is Reflexology?

The feet are a mirror image of your body. There are over 7200 nerve endings in the foot that interconnect, through the brain and spinal column, with all parts of the body. Science has learnt that by applying pressure to specific areas of the foot, known as reflex points, the corresponding organ in the body is stimulated. Oxygen is increased to the tissues and toxins are removed. This encourages the natural healing process to occur. By using the therapeutic properties of herbs along with the healing touch of reflexology you will feel a deep relaxation and relief of stress and anxiety.


steam foot bath


What is Herbal Steam Foot Bath?

Steam Foot Bath is a new leisure heath care product that originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine heath care theory. The device is equipped with ultraviolet ray anion generator, to produce strong penetrating and sterilized effect of anion steam. It has obvious curative effect on problems such as foot arthralgia, rheumatism, cold limbs, stress, depression, physical fatigue and foot skin disease etc. It can be used with Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine to cure a particular disease.

Benefits of Reflexology

· Helps to break down tension
· Induces relaxation and stress relief
· Relieves headaches and migraine
· Removes toxins from the body
· Improves circulation
· Improves digestive disorders
· Normalizes the body’s metabolism
· Encourages the natural healing process
· Helps you feel revitalized and energized


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