Phlebotomy/Blood Test

Discover the power of over 450 biomarkers , validated and analyzed by an NHS Lab.

Phlebotomy/Blood Test

Blood tests are an affordable and convenient way to improve and monitor your health. These private blood tests put you in total control. Whether you want to monitor a condition (such as a hormone imbalance), check for a specific condition or track improvements, we’ve got a blood test for you. You can also create your own, personalised blood test giving you the flexibility to only check exactly what you need.

Why Choose Us?

Discover the power of over 450 biomarkers , validated and analyzed by an NHS Lab. Our cutting-edge technology ensures accurate and reliable results, giving you a scientific edge in understanding your health. Popular tests include Fertility Test, Tiredness & Fatigue Assessment, Cortisol Stress Level Test, Body Inflammation Test, Pre-diabetes Screening, Vitamin Deficiency Screening, Immune health check and much more.

Fast & Accurate Results

No more waiting in uncertainty! Get your results within 3-5 working days, providing you with prompt answers to your health queries.

When to take the test?

Collect your blood sample within 3 hours of waking and before food. Please remember to drink plenty of fluids the night before and the morning of your appointment, this will make it easier for the person taking your blood.

Expert Guidance

Worried about interpreting your results? Our dedicated team includes experienced doctors who will interpret any findings outside the normal range. Your well-being is our priority, and we're here to guide you through every step.

Optimize Your Health

Whether you're investigating symptoms, monitoring a condition, or aiming to optimize your performance, our blood tests offer detailed insights into your health. Take control of your well-being with the knowledge you deserve.

Hormone Tests

● Female Hormones Mapping £174

● Female Fertility Blood Test £179

● Menopause Health Check £164

● AMH Blood Test £144

● PCOS Screening £154

● Progesterone Proficiency £89

● Osteogeny Levels Test £85

● Male Hormone Check £134

● Advanced Thyroid Assessment £114

● Cortisol (Stress Level) Test £85

Fertility Focus Tests

● Female Fertility Blood Test £179

● AMH Blood Test £144

● PCOS Screening £154

● Osteogeny Levels Test £85

● Progesterone Precision £89

● Pregnancy Nutrition Check £144

Nutrition Nourishment Tests

● Vitamin Deficiency Screening £144

● Ferritin - Iron Levels Test £85

● Anemia Blood Test £147

● Vitamin B12 Assessment £91

● Vitamin D Check £91

● Magnesium Levels Test £90

General Wellness Checks

● Baseline Health Check (23 health markers) £144

● Advanced Health Assessment (39 health markers) £229

● Ultimate Health Check (47 health markers) £444

● Immune Health Check £143

● Tiredness & Fatigue Assessment £130

● Advanced Energy Levels Test £182

● Kidney Function Evaluation £94

● Liver Function Evaluation £94

● Pre-diabetes Screening (HbA1c) £87

● hs-CRP (Inflammation Level) Analysis £85

● Cholesterol Profile £86

Fitness and Well-being Test

● Female Fitness Assessment £165

● Male Fitness Assessment £165