Massage for Pregnancy

Female Therapist; Fully Qualified and Insured

Female Therapist; Fully Qualified and Insured

We only use Neal’s Yard Mother’s massage oil for pregnancy massage. It is 100% organic certified by the Soil Association. It is Perfect for a relaxing massage and also great for stretch marks and dry skins.

Benefits for the Body

Pregnancy massage provides relief from

● stiff neck and shoulder

● back pain

● sciatica

● headaches

● anxiety and depression

● insomnia

● joint pain

● swelling of hands feet and ankles

Massage for mothers-to-be is extremely beneficial. Evidence suggests that massage increases the overall health and wellness of both mother and baby. It can enhance a mother's life and help her cope with the changes and stresses.

Massage throughout pregnancy can alleviate common discomforts, such as low-back, sciatic and hip pain; neck and shoulder tension; and calf cramps. It increases mobility in joints that are carrying extra weight and prepares the mother's body for childbirth.

Prenatal massage also helps reduce swelling in the hands and feet-common ailments during pregnancy-by moving retained fluids out of the tissue and into circulation for removal from the body.Headaches and sinus congestion are also quite common throughout pregnancy, and head and neck massage can relieve the added tension. Finally, massage is a great way to boost immunity, which is somewhat compromised during pregnancy.

Emotional Wellbeing

In addition to the amazing physical benefits, massage can help a mama feel supported and cared for. Pregnancy is a transformational time, and the experience differs tremendously for each woman and fluctuates throughout each week of the experience. The "love hormone," oxytocin, is released during a massage, and the stress hormones are decreased, giving the pregnant mother more emotional capacity to cope with any stresses or strains during this important time.